Year 5s poetry

Today we had our poetry and over the last few days we have been reading poems by different authors. So we got to write our own poems and today we got to write it up Neat and we got really cool boarders for our paper
By Jessica



Year 5 got some awards for reading, writing, following our school commitment and maths. By Jessica and Macenzie.


Katie Young city poem

Smog floats through the breeze
And the trees choke.
Their poor little leaves start to whine New built buildings stand proud
Like soldiers and they are ready to do their thing.

Buses boast about their
Private lanes which ,
Make cars cry
As they put their car washers on.

Double yellow lines
Tell the cars off ,
For parking there.

Bins gobble up rubbish
As they get more and more.
“Yum,yum!” They tell other bins.

Shops swallow many people
as their products sell quickly .

Olivia Cokayne city poem

Cars grumble scavenging for petrol
As the buildings
Stand tall towering over
The city centre.

Buses snigger
In their private lanes
Boasting to the cars.

Casinos sit pleaded
As they see the city light up.

Depressed back alleyways
Sob at the ruined streets
That once was a place
For singing houses.

Restraunts preach as their dinner
Skips inside them.
Sky scrapers bow over buildings,
Streets and houses.

Takeaways cry with laughter
As the hotels
Impressively fill up
At rapid speed .

Water fountains
Gloat confidently
As the paved streets
Light up.


Year 5 have been playing together really nicely and love playing football and tennis together. By Jessica and Mackenzie.


Year 5 have got some amazing awards for reading, writing, maths and keeping our school commitment!!!!! By Jessica

Play time

Year 5 love playing together at brake time we all play together By Jessica



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