Our Class Assembly

Today we performed our assembly about the human body for the school and our parents. We all spoke clearly and enjoyed singing our song at the end. What did you think?

P1040787 (Small) P1040792 (Small) P1040805 (Small)

Them Bones…

We thought about the bones in our body. How many can you name?

P1030039 (Small) P1030036 (Small) P1030037 (Small) P1030038 (Small)

Shaping up!!

We have started a new IPC unit called Shaping up. We did this with an fantastic Zumba session! What was your favourite dance?

P1020957 (Small) P1020916 (Small) P1020920 (Small) P1020922 (Small) P1020925 (Small) P1020942 (Small) P1020946 (Small) P1020954 (Small)