Year 5 love doing maths. Miss Thompson came in today and we did mental maths. Everyone had so much fun. By Jessica and Macenzie




Year 5s poetry

Today we had our poetry and over the last few days we have been reading poems by different authors. So we got to write our own poems and today we got to write it up Neat and we got really cool boarders for our paper
By Jessica


Year 5 have been doing poems we all loved doing it its so calm. We all thought it would be boring but it isn’t. By Jessica




On Tuesday morning the 4th of February.Mollie,Joshua,Liam,Mackenzie and Aimee all played a game called 3 in a row, we all enjoyed it.

What we did.
We had two dices and we had to role them and what ever number It landed on you had to put it in the right place on the number line.


Max & Maddie’s maths challenge

Year 6 got a present and showed it in assembly. Each class was set a challenge by a superhero called Max, who needed help with his friend called Maddie . These are the challenges we each got given: Year 6 made Maddie, Year 5 made their own packaging for super maths food, Year 4 made a maths first aid kit, Year 3 made trophies , Year 2 made pets , Year 1 made clothes , Reception made a house for Maddie and last but not least Nursery made a car.



‘Being British’ collages

Making British Collages was really fun! We all worked in groups and brought in pictures of British things like British Bulldog.




A big congratulations to Eliana and Tia who have just gained their 25m badge in swimming.

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