Year 5 have got some amazing awards for reading, writing, maths and keeping our school commitment!!!!! By Jessica

Play time

Year 5 love playing together at brake time we all play together By Jessica




Year 5 have been doing poems we all loved doing it its so calm. We all thought it would be boring but it isn’t. By Jessica



What is today’s meal?

Today I am having beef-curry and rice. It is my favourite school meal. What is your favourite meal? Always say please and thank you to the dinner lady’s.



Gold awards

Year 5 got gold awards for reading , maths, writing and keeping our school commitment.


100 word challenge-Kelsey

Today was no ordinary day, the Queen woke up, opened her curtains to find purple droplets banging harshly against the cold hard window. Now what is that coming from under my door she leaped like a frog onto her bed even though she was royal Queen, she shouted for her servant. Then a few hours later Elizabeth got a phone-call and it said ” Meetings are being held across the country to find an answer of this mysterious behaviour of the extraordinary at atmosphere”. Frantically Elizabeth got dressed on her bed and now, till this days still the Queen Elizabeth still doesn’t know what happened on her absolutely extraordinary day.

100 word challenge -Eliana

Though the venom was still in my blood. I persevered to write this story…
It was a warm summers evening in Ancient Greece and I was strolling in the garden when I heard a strange noise. The noise was terrifying but I chose to ignore it. The noise got louder and louder. A gargantuan reptile jumped out at me and bit hard in the neck. I fell to the ground as the beast
slunk away. I ascertained I did not have long to live. I heard a voice behind me. I twisted round and realised it was my imagination. I guess I was so…

Smoothie bike

Year 5 had a really good time making smoothies on a bike. Kieran said he had a really great time like everyone else!!!!









100 word challenge – Tia

As I went to bed I heard foot steps follow me. When I looked behind there was nothing there so I went back down the stairs and I saw a strange creature with green slimy venom coming from its mouth. I thought I was losing my mind but I wasn’t it was really happening . I nearly wet myself but I mange not to.

First aid

Year 5 have been doing first aid with Mrs Burns, we all enjoyed getting to watch the videos and acting!!!!







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