Art Week

This week is art week. We did a big invention on the playground with chalk and we made a model on the grass. On paper we drew another picture and the same on a bigger piece of paper. We have enjoyed it a lot. We wish we could do it again some time.
By Lily-Ellen and Kieran.


Mr Eccles Retirement Assembly

Today we secretly planned a retirement assembly for Mr Eccles.Mr Eccles got lots of presents including an Oldham shirt, a football game and a signed Oldham football. Mrs Bowes came and told us some words that describes Mr Eccles.Then she made the first letters of the words into the word Oldham. Mr Eccles was nearly crying.
Goodbye Mr Eccles!!

The afternoon at Wesley church.

Today we have been to Wesley church for our R E with Mrs Dean and Mrs Drake. A man showed us around the new church. We asked lots of questions when we was there. We played games and had lots of fun. We hope we could visit the church again.
By Lily-Ellen and Kieran.




A Day At Mosi

Today Y3 and Y4 went to MOSI (Museum of science and industry). We had lots of fun because it was jam packed of inventions, we also went to the air and space hall. We saw old huge planes and old cars as well. We did art for Wednesday. We all enjoyed it we wish we could go again.
By Lily-Ellen and Kieran.