Crazy Inventions

Today we have made Wallis and Grommet robots in our pairs. We all have had lots of fun making these. We have done our very best and the best part was we could make it as crazy as we wanted.
By LilyEllen and Kieran







Today we have learnt how electricity works in a wire. We have played lots of games. We had two tubs and one was full of balls. Some of us was playing the game and the rest were watching. We picked up two balls and dropped one in at the far end. It was so fun everyone wanted to join in.
By Lily-Ellen and Kieran


Gold Awards

Congratulations to those people who got a gold award. They have all worked very hard.
By Kieran and Lily-Ellen


Heart Start

Today we have learnt how to save someones life. We have learnt how to do the recovery position. It is very simple and easy.


Bike ability

On Friday 3rd May Year 4 had to bring a bike from their house and learn how to ride our bikes. We had lots of fun and everyone had a turn to ride their bikes. We all had a number either 1,2 or 3. We all had fun and wish we could do it again!


Gold awards

Congratulations to these people who got a gold award today. They have all worked so hard.
By Lily-Ellen Davies and Kieran Wilson-Hughes.