Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day we all came in our own clothes with crazy hair.Some people were hard to recognise! Y4 played a prank on the school . We told everyone to come to the hall but when they got there Y4 started to do the Sid Shuffle. It was fun. At the end,all of the teachers had to do it.
By Paige and Eliana.




Questions about the Isle of Man.

Mrs Burns has told me that you are trying to get comments from around the world, so I thought I would drop by. I am a teacher in the Isle of Man, can any of you find it on a map? (Hint it is only about 75 miles away from your school.) The Isle of Man is famous for lots of things, including the TT motor bike races, cats with no tails and kippers.
If you have a question for me ask Mrs Burns if you can add it to your blog and I will try and answer it for you tomorrow.
Mr Nelson

Mr Nelson has said he will answer your questions about the Isle of Man. Add your questions below. Remember to use correct punctuation.

More congratulations!

I am so proud of the efforts of everyone during their swimming lessons. Everyone has made a big effort and made super progress.

Today many children gained their first swimming badges.

5 meters were gained by Lucy and Liam. 10 meters was gained by Macenzie, Mollie, Nevaeh, Aimee -Leigh, Annie-Mai, Nicole, Olivia, Divyang and Callum.

Well done to everyone!

Super Athletes Presentation

Well done to all our Super Athletes who have helped raise a lot of money for the school.



A big congratulations to Eliana and Tia who have just gained their 25m badge in swimming.