Toy day-Thursday 19th July

Woohoo, it’s the last day of term tomorrow and the last day of year 3-boohoo!!!!

You are welcome to bring a toy into school that you can SHARE with your friends!

Remember, it cannot plug into the wall, be electrical or be an individual game, it must be something you can share with a friend!

Also, it must fit into a regular supermarket carrying bag!

Let’s have a fantastic last day in year 3!

See you all tomorrow!

More fantastic presentations

Willy Wonka (aka Jessica) appeared in class today to tell us all about the author who created him!

Mollie gave us a quiz too and Kieran shared some information and pictures that I’ve never seen before! Including Roald Dahl’s grave!

I wonder what will happen tomorrow???

It’s presentation day….

Wow what a fabulous start!

We had a sneak preview at a few presentations on Friday! Elizabeth bravely kicked started work!

Liam told us some jokes, Nevaeh told us about Steven Cole and Mia got carried away and I think she’s turning into a wizard!!!


Samba samba

Whilst Year 6 went to Burrs, Year 3 took over Samba!!!!

Wow what a noise!!!!!!!!!


Presentation homework – top tips


Remember to do lots of research about your chosen author!!! The more you know about what you’re talking about, the easier you will find talking!

Stand at the top of the stairs (makes you talk louder!!!!) and practise your presentation in front of your family-ask them for some tips too!

Limit your presentation to between 1 and 5 minutes! Don’t make extra work for yourselves!

Share information that you think will interest others, you don’t have to tell them everything!

If you do a powerpoint presentation, send it to the school email:

I hope you enjoy this task-make it fun!!!

Mrs D x

A trip to Y4


Look how settled you all look in year 4!